Friday, September 30, 2022

Newly Appointed King Charles planning to reclaim Westminster Village in Spanish Fort.


Newly appointed King of England King Chuck announced just this morning that he plans to retake Westminster Village in Spanish Fort, Alabama along with all of the residents who reside there. Westminster Village was constructed in Spanish Fort decades ago as a gift from Queen Elizabeth in exchange for parking privileges at David's Catfish House for eternity. The new King however is not fond of fish and has been very vocal about his protesting the exchange for years, and now plans to absorb Westminster Village and it's residents into U.K territory. Alabama has not fought the request due to the recent passing of the Queen, and has started the process of providing passports to all residents at WV, along with a tin of Yorkshire Pudding and a crumpet. TFI actually spoke with King Charles today and this is what he had to say about the affair: 

"How odd for someone to name a dog breed King Charles, and for me now to be a King Charles. Very odd. Do you think they knew something? To me it seems like a lunar eclipse event... this dog and me, existed at the same time now, our lives intersecting as one. I really ought to own one I believe. Wouldn't that be a delight!". 

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