Thursday, September 22, 2022

Fairhope unveils first annual "Lighting of the 'Ween" ceremony, plans to drop fake leaves on spectators.


The annual Lighting of the Trees festival is one of the most beloved events in the Baldwin community where the City tries to fit a hundred thousand people into 20 parking spots all for Santa's amusement as he watches, laughing maniacally, from his lair in the North Pole. This year, Fairhope will prepare for Halloween with a similar event downtown, where they plan to drop thousands of fake orange leaves for the gulf coast children who may never see one in real life. The celebration will also include Trick-or-Treating, leaf-ball fights, leaf-man building competitions, and bobbing for apples from a tub of Purell (safety!). At the stroke of midnight the orange glowing tree lights will accompany the leaf fall and the Fairhope High band playing hits from Nightmare Before Christmas much to the amusement of Goth kids everywhere. The Lighting of the 'Ween will happen a month from now, but officials recommend finding a parking spot yesterday. 

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