Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Fairhope's Fantasy Island Toys bought out by German chain ALDI.


Fairhope's favorite toy store Fantasy Island Toys announced today it was being bought out by the German grocer ALDI who is currently placing a supermarket on hwy 181 as well. Fantasy Island Toys has been a long time staple of the downtown scene, and you probably remember telling your kids they couldn't go in there because they were closed, and then your kids say "well, why are there other people going in then?" and you say "those were just workers." and they reply "they were little kids though." and you had to lie and say "No, those were the elves that build the toys, duh." and now you're trapped in this ongoing lie. 

Anyway, ALDI has implemented many changes to the store including their famous grocery cart policy, but instead of a quarter, kids will deposit their chewed bubblegum onto the cart, and will they will get it back upon exiting. The biggest change though is probably the name of the store, which will now be known as SPIELZEUGE, which is German for "Toys" from what they tell us, and should be screamed in an angry, and deep shout for proper pronunciation. 

ALDI is widely known for great deals on fresh produce, and while those deals won't extend to the toys, Fantasy Island will now have a produce aisle where you can get those great deals. It may sound strange to buy your broccoli in a toy store, but SPIELZEUGE does offer "googly eyes" you can stick on the vegetables to turn them into toys if you wish. With all the new changes coming, Fantasy Island Toys will still be the classic toy store gracing downtown with it's usual presence... and presents.

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