Sunday, December 11, 2022

Panini Pete puts Lake Forest restaurant on hold as he is currently lost in Lake Forest.


Famed Restauranteur Panini Pete drew the attention of all of Daphne, Alabama this week with the announcement of his plan to take over the Back Deck restaurant near the public docks. Peter Paniniopoulous, his birth given name, has now put his plans on hold after his brief tour of the subdivision has become a marathon session of circling Ridgewood for possibly 4 days. He has been in contact with emergency services and family to retrieve him but at this point his phone is dead and his whereabouts are still unknown. From his last phone call to Guy Fieri we know that Pete at some point made it to the Home Depot exit, but after kissing the ground looking back up, he was once again somewhere lost in Lake Forest, and he described the situation as "like being in a Zelda video game.". Another resident of Lake Forest reported finding a trail of powdered beignets on Brentwood dr, but she ate them not knowing they were Panini's last hope of escape. 

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