Tuesday, January 17, 2023

"Guardians of Our Daphne" recruited by The Avengers, set to join the battle against Thanos and also zoning laws.


The Guardians of Old Daphne started as a group of idividuals looking to put a stop to unplanned growth in the small town of Daphne, Alabama. Soon though, they found their abilities could be used to fight evil in any form, whether it be loitering teenagers or alien Gods hellbent on the destruction of Earth. 

Last December, G.O.O.D was visited by Nick Fury at their secret lair in Daphne (a table at Manci's), and they were asked to join "The Avengers" team to help fight off the evil Thanos. While some superheroes have super strength, speed, and vision, G.O.O.D will help the good fight by having petitions signed and making Facebook posts. 

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