Friday, January 27, 2023

Kind Cafe has had Buzz Off Bagels is begrudgingly serving Downtown Fairhope.


Kind Cafe in Fairhope started with a mission of serve fresh coffee and bagels with a kind spirit and a friendly smile, but dealing with the public for over a year has made them rethink their business. Now, Buzz Off Bagels has kicked the kindness to the curb, and replaced it with attitude, eye rolls, and silent glaring that would make Aubrey Plaza proud. They have also adopted the Lambert's method of throwing your bagel to you from across the room, but with a little more gusto and aiming at your face like the guy with the handful of beads on the Mardi Gras float who really, really hates you having teeth and wants to change that. Buzz Off Bagels officially opens this week and they encourage you to come visit... any other place in the world. 

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