Wednesday, November 8, 2023

126th annual Fairhope Film Fest to showcase all 20 "Fast & Furious" films this year in dramatic change of content.

The famed Fairhope Fim Festival has been the highlight of the Fairhope community for over 125 years, long before films were even created, where the early colonizers would perform theatrical movies live on a stage. Many folks shunned the Film Festival in those years saying "This is just a play!", but Fairhope founder Marietta Johnson brushed off the critics for decades to come. The tradition of the Film Fest in those years was also where the idea of serving popcorn during a performance started after a local farmer invented the new food after getting the idea from the very popular Popcorn Ceiling texture found in the early settlers' Charleston-style homes (Later, they would come to found a town in South Carolina called Charleston inspired by the Fairhope home style). 

This year on the 126th annual Film Fest, to commemorate the rich local history of Fairhope, they will showcase every film in the Fast & Furious catalog, now on their 20th movie. The films starring Vinn Diesel and Paul Walker are closely intertwined with the town of Fairhope, where we drive many cars and sometimes are furious. 


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