Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Ben's Jr BBQ to remain closed, but is currently hiring a ghost to occasionally stare creepily out the windows.


The ever-opening Barbecuery Ben's Jr Bar-B-Que has announced they will be hiring an in-house Ghost this Fall to randomly peek out and scare unsuspecting passersby. Despite 14 solid years of renovation, the end is not yet in sight, and with a certified ghost residing in the building, the current owners will get a tremendous tax write-off due to the 2023 Alabama State bill that would have investment properties classified as residential if they "Contain one or more of the un-dead, or a person currently passed expiration". The new law will have a major impact in the Fairhope area, where a large majority of the current residents are wandering in purgatory and are also entitled to a moderate tax break.

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