Thursday, May 9, 2024

Farihope man sues Bruce Larsen over new statues, "He borrowed my car and turned it into a Seahorse!".


A Fairhope resident and former friend of local artist Bruce Larsen has pressed charges against the sculptor regarding the new seahorse statues placed downtown this week. The man claims he let Bruce borrow his Toyota Camry to "drive to Birmingham" last month and his friend then refused to take his calls. He assumed Bruce was busy, but last week while walking downtown he discovered the new seahorse themed statues, then noticed a Toyota radiator as well as his car keys within the sculpture. Further investigating caused him to believe this was in fact his car, as well as other items he had let his friend borrow over the years including a weedeater and his tools. Bruce has confronted police officials denying all allegations while lustfully eyeing the officer's shiny metal badge and handcuffs, which he then asked to borrow for a short time. 

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