Friday, March 3, 2017


     FEB 10th, 1:12pm-  Fairhope Police Dept responded to a complaint from Dragonfly Food Bar       regarding the kidnapping of a customer. Officers arrived on the scene to discover that the owner of The Church Mouse across the street, who often can be seen practicing his fly fishing in the middle of Church street, had actually caught something... a woman! The owner gave a statement to the officer saying the woman was a rare breed known as the Taco Eating Tennessean weighing in around 134lbs, The biggest catch all year. "She put up a good fight, but I caught her with a homemade pork rind lure and the hook had set good.".  The Owner of Dragonfly was upset, but did not press charges.

     FEB 18th, 8pm-  Police responded to a noise complaint coming from The Venue in downtown Fairhope Saturday night. The Venue located on S. Section was playing host to the "Bitches Ball" celebrating the annual Mystic Mutts parade. The officers found that the animals were themselves quiet and well behaved, but the volume had been set too high on the sound system's Sub-WOOFers. The Fairhope K-9 unit was asked to stay and party as one dog was overheard saying "He always knows where to get the best stuff.".

     FEB 25th, 7:30pm-  Lead reporter Rick Dickerson for the Fairhope Inquisitor made an emergency call to 911 Saturday night at the Fairhope parade when he was struck by a Moon Pie, or what he believed to be a moon pie. He had dove nearly 4 feet into the air to snatch the Moon Pie before the pack of greedy little toddlers could get their hands on it when lo and behold he found this was no Moon Pie at all, but a Sara Lee knock-off. Rick notified authorities about the situation promptly.

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