Thursday, March 2, 2017

Some Fairhopers voice concern over firing in two top city positions.

     A local man who described himself as Tim came to TFI headquarters to inform us of an improper firing directly in result of Mayor Wilson. The jobs he states were that of Mayor of the city of Fairhope and also the position of Head of Utilities in Fairhope. Tim was very upset about the sacking of the employees as he held both titles himself. Tim stated "nobody should have to be fired twice in one day. I mean, that's two paychecks I won't be bringing home now.". 


     Many Fairhopers are outraged saying that the fired employee was "really nice" and that "he held that position so long it's not fair to fire him now". News outlets are releasing many articles although not much is certain at this time about the situation, but the word on the street is that the employee is a "really nice good person" and some people that met him once heard another guy say "he seemed really nice". 

     TFI has not yet confirmed how nice the fired employee is, but we did shake his hand once and he smiled politely.

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