Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fairhope Superlative Awards 2017.

Voted "House With Most Pink Flamingos"

Although it was a tough tough decision, our official bird counter awarded this house on Section
 with the top honors with over 200 flamingos. The 2nd place was awarded to a house on Pecan st. with a whopping 2 pink flamingos.

Voted "Church Most Likely To Be Attended By Tim Burton"

Coincidentally, next Sunday's devotional will be led by Rev. Edward Scissorhands.

Voted  "Most Likely To be Holding A Princess Hostage in It's Tower"

This house finally managed to steal the long held title from Mosher Castle as they recently released their Princess making them ineligible to compete this year.

Voted "Most Likely To Be Serving Hansel & Gretel For Sunday Potluck"

This church popped straight out of a Fairy Tale with it's interesting green roof and slightly malevolent aura. 

House Voted Most Likely To Eventually Fly Away With Balloons "Up" Style 

Recent sightings of an old man being accompanied by a boy scout outside the home confirms our suspicions.

Voted "House Most Likely For Men To Choose To Sleep In A Separate Bedroom From Their Wife To Have This Awesome Silo Thing as A Room"

I personally would call it my "Fort" and stay armed with a paintball gun at the window to protect against the invading Armadillo Army.

Voted "Owner Most Likely To Be Approached By A Wizard And Given A Mission"

Voted "Most Likely To Have Said To His Architect 'Dude, Just Go Crazy!'"

Rumors have circulated that the actual Noah's Ark was deconstructed to erect this home on Mobile street. 

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