Friday, May 12, 2017


Fairhope, AL-  President Trump caused a stir in Alabama Friday afternoon with a strange Tweet directed at a small business located in Baldwin County. Trump praised the restaurant/ Fun Barn for their delicious biscuits, but attacked them for their use of a Monarchic system of government within the restaurant.

The Biscuit has been using it's ruling system since it's inception last century. Before Biscuit King there was Pancake King who once retired passed the crown down to the rightful pastry. BK re-tweeted pleading their case that Democracy would not work in this business and would certainly bring chaos.

Fairhope spectators have reported seeing several National Guard vehicles heading south on hwy. 98 towards the restaurant, but TFI believes this is the military just flexing it's muscles in hopes of a peace treaty being formed between the two nations.

Many patrons in the restaurant are currently trapped amid the chaos, but have been pacified with    square dancing and Bingo for the time being. TFI will keep locals updated on the situation.

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  1. The National Guard had drill this past weekend. It's also AT (Annual Training for them.


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