Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Westminster Village says "SCREW IT", Changes name to West Minister...

Anyone familiar with the upscale retirement facility in Spanish Fort, Westminster Village, is probably unfamiliar to the actual pronunciation of the facility, which is commonly referred to as "West Minister". Despite tons of money being poured into marketing for the community and it's actual name most seem to prefer the Anti-British version. 

After spending more money on focus group testing Westminster is finally giving up the cause and changing it's name officially to West Minister. Along with the name change it will add a mascot to it's logo... an image of rapper Kanye West dressed as a minister (pictured).

With the success of the name change other businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and changing as well. The Shrimp Basket will further be know as The Scrimp Basket, and all coffee shops will now serve "Expressos".

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