Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Next time you take a sunset promenade down Fairhope Pier don't be surprised to see boaters and locals carrying a fish full of beer. The trend started when an anonymous fisherman mixed together a margarita and poured the the concoction into the mouth of a Red Snapper to attain the brininess he desired. He reportedly gave the fish a shake and turned the fish upright and finished the drink in one go. Now, everyone is jumping aboard this trend.

What once started out as a "challenge" or a dare has now caught on by local gourmet restaurants who are using the fish that once served as entrees for drinking vessels. Dragonfly's Flybar has a cocktail being served dubbed the Dirty Troutini, a mixture of Gin and Vermouth served from a fresh spotted trout. Shux on the pier has taken another route with their special Red & Red drink, a Red Stripe beer served in a chilled Redfish.

Fish and Wildlife services for Alabama have reached out to TFI to actually give their approval for the fad. They say that as long as you Catch and Release, as in Catch a buzz and Release the fish back into it's habitat it's not harmful for the fish population and actually helps the fish psychologically. Scientists say that fish lack physical contact from their parents and long for the gentle touch of any creature. The human contact with the fish help them to maintain healthy relationships with the future generations of fish in the gulf.

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