Saturday, June 10, 2017


Mobillionaire in all his glory
Tension has never been so high with the ever so popular rappers from the east and western shores of Mobile Bay. Rumors about the start of the feud involve an incident where Daphne Rapper "Juba Lee", a member of the East Shore Boys commented on Mo-Billionaire's Facebook page "sorry about your loss 😂" concerning the death of Mo-billionaire's dearly beloved dog "Cash Money". Juba says he meant to use the "😭" emoji, but the feud had already begun.

East Coast Boyz
Mo-Billionaire struck back swiftly with a "diss track" titled "East Coast Chumps" where he spit verse saying-

"Better watch out for dat east coast,
Dem boyz puttin' foie gras on their toast,
Don't come around here better stay put,
Got a Yacht but the thing is only 20 foot."

East Coast Boyz couldn't let this go without losing cred in there hometown, and responded in kind with their track "Bayway? No Way"-

"Think you got good food on Dauphin?,
I'm here scoffin,
Our chef's here be choppin'
Bayway ain't crossin
Best catch me in a coffin"

When ECB dissed Mobiles culinary skills the feud turned into all out war with songs released every week attacking Mobile's Maritime Museum to Fairhope's pier and everything in-between. The east coast- west coast rivalry is like the rivalry in the 90's rap scene but bigger. TFI will be backing this story up with breaking news coverage throughout the year. Both sides are gearing up as we speak for Total warfare next spring- in the form of a Mardi Gras "parade off" to see which side truly rules the bay...

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