Friday, June 2, 2017

Rising rent prices are forcing young Fairhopers to opt to live on their Yacht instead.

His parents very proud after he packs box "all by himself."

Rental property seems to be popping up everywhere in Fairhope with the latest surge of newcomers willing to dish out thousands for any Fairhope property. A tiny cottage in the right area could fetch $2k these days and speculators see a bubble ripe for the bursting. For the young Fairhopers looking to break out of mom's basement the expensive rentals are not very appealing, instead some are opting to do other things with the cash available to them...

Mairie Madison, 19, from Point Clear tells TFI
that her and 2 other friends have been renting a 3 bedroom house in the "Fruit n Nut" district for $2,500 monthly. This month they plan to break their lease and purchase a Yacht. This way they can dock the Yacht for cheaper rates at any location and in the meantime make money by renting the Yacht out for Rap videos.

James Thurston, 21, from Montrose says his parents have allotted him $25k this year in advance for living expenses. He tells his parents that he is renting an apartment off of Gayfer rd. but in actuality has spent the money on a bid for a chance to go to the moon with Elon Musk. He currently is living at the Duck Pond and tells TFI, "I just thought this was a better investment.". 

Mary Cassady, 54, uses the popular website Air BnB to rent out her bathroom in her condo downtown. She states "I have a 2 bathroom condo so I don't really need the other. I just rent it out monthly as a living space for usually about $600. Once theress enough quilts and pillow in the bathtub it really is quite cozy!"

Only time will tell how long this lasts, but until then we at TFI are renting out every closet via AirBnB for very decent prices. On top of a fully functioning bucket toilet in every closet guests will also get complimentary Eggo Waffles for a limited time. Act now!

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