Monday, June 5, 2017

Nature Connect Outdoor School in Daphne hires Giant Tortoise as new Professor of Math & Sciences.

Nature Connect Outdoor School located near old town Daphne was founded on the idea of unplugging children from the tech world and providing an atmosphere where children could thrive using their imaginations in a relaxed environment. The current administration is still breaking through social norms and have raised many eyebrows with their latest decision to bring a Giant Tortoise in as head of the math and science department.

Leroy, the amphibian extraordinaire, was found in Mobile bay nearly 35 years ago. In that short time with the help of his friends, he was able to acquire a GED and build up his reading level higher than most Floridians. The board of education is crossing their fingers for the success of Leroy after the fiasco of 2017 when directors experimented with a new educational style having the Students teach the teacher instead. This was also preceded by an incident in 2015 where students were at one time instructed to eat lizards "to acquire their wisdom".

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