Monday, July 17, 2017


Few people know that Mobile consistently ranks number one for city with the most rainfall recorded in the U.S every year. This month certainly goes to show that there is good reason for that too. Although this has been a common trend for the bay area, the local wildlife has recently began to evolve to adapt to the wetter environment. This has national scientists scratching their heads.

The common Fairhope species known as the Armadillo has always been considered a land based creature. They are known for their amazing defensive skill of transforming into a pancake when approached by predators, mostly Land Rovers. When being attacked in the road at some point the Armadillo transforms into a flat form of itself to allow the wheels to travel over it smoothly. At this point the Armadillo pancake will remain in this form for the rest of it's life.

More recently however, people are seeing the Armadillos in the Mobile bay swimming along the coast. Some Fairhope Cul-de-Sacs upon flooding, will house the local Armadillo's as a safe retreat from danger. This has led the NWA, the National Wildlife Association to re-classify the Armadillo into a Marine Animal. This will not change much for the animal or it's habitat. The only known change to come will be that local restaurants that serve Armadillo, such as Possum Salad Chick, will have to advertise it as Seafood. The change in status might cause more restaurants to serve the "Possum in a half shell" on their menus.

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