Wednesday, July 19, 2017


First Friday Art Walk had the usual entertainment: food, music, art, booze, and.... a high speed police pursuit! Trouble started when local man and TFI contributor Ed Kristopherson overstayed his welcome at The Happy Olive. Kristopherson had many helpings of the varieties of infused olive oil, but irked store owners when he began drinking a garlic sage infused sesame oil straight from the jug. Authorities were notified and responded immediately. When officer Tom Christie arrived the suspect complied and sat cuffed riding shotgun in the police golf cart. Officer Christie told Edward he could have a Cafe Au Lait from Latte Da if he was good.

The scene escalated thereafter when the suspect fled the golf cart while officer Christie was awaiting the Cafe Au Lait, then a high speed foot pursuit ensued. Many pedestrians were trampled under the man and Cabernet stains were rampant. The scene hit it's high point when the two fled down Pinzone's alleyway making for a cinematic and quite dramatic chase before the suspect was tackled and not given any of his coffee. Kristopherson is now in Baldwin jail and the scene will be showcased in a new film with Kristopherson to be portrayed by Nick Cage according to our insiders.

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