Thursday, July 27, 2017


Instacart, a business helping to bring groceries straight to your door has taken a huge step into the health marketplace. As a trial run, Instacart released their service to be used by several hospitals in south Alabama and on the west coast. Locally, Thomas Hospital has accepted the company's offer.

What the customer can expect can vary based on the illness, but the typical urgent care call will go something like this: On the Instacart App the patient shall select a variety of symptoms from a series of surveys. Once completed, a group of medical staffers shall arrive straight to your door within 1-8 hours. First thing, you will need to consult with the receptionist who will make your bedroom the new office. Before completing your paperwork you will need to wait in line (several paid actors travel with each crew) until it is your turn. For the next few hours now you will wait in the lobby (living room) until you are called back to the bathroom. Any TV is required to be tuned to soap operas. You may read a automotive enthusiast magazine if you'd like. At this point the the patient (you) will be called back to get vitals taken before being taken to your bathroom to wait another 30 minutes. You may read the Southern Living on the toilet while you wait for the Dr... Now the appointment can begin!

Many customers so far have enjoyed the experience of health care in the home. From broken bones to cardiac events many Fairhopers have utilized the system for a variety of different ailments. One local man even used Instacart 911 for an emergency call after severe wound to the head. The ambulance promptly arrived at his home and whisked him off around the block and quickly straight back to his home where the medical staff had arrived to treat him.

Instacart would like to notify future users to go ahead and already order subsciptions to Southern Living and Auto Enthusiast magazines to place in your lobby.

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