Monday, July 3, 2017


For years the old KFC on Main street has been left vacant, leaving an eyesore in a very prominent located in the city. What once was a thriving Enterprise of grease bathed fowl is now an ivy covered relic of Daphne past. That is until next month...

Larry Flynt, a well known publisher and business entrepreneur, spotted the vacant building in it's prime location when travelling to the gulf. After some digging around, he found the owners and offered them a deal they couldn't refuse. Now Daphne will be home of "Chicken Stripz", the first ever strip club to offer a variety of fried chicken products. "The idea is genius", says Flynt. "The cooking equipment is still all in place and the deep freezer makes an excellent Private Dance room.".

Although the investors in the company are hopeful, there will definitely be some setbacks. For instance, the state health board had proactively given them an F rating on all future health inspections. Not only that, but due to the greasiness of the restaurant/club two women have already been injured while dancing on poles that had gotten greasy. To combat this all stripper must now batter themselves in flour.

Chicken Stripz is now hiring for all positions in the kitchen and on the stage, or as Larry puts it, "You can either batter breasts or shake breasts."


  1. It's about time someone put that property to hood use. I heard that they were going to have a drive up window where you could buy beer to go, and could get one free peek at an unbattered breast for free.

  2. Wonder if they'll have "Pole Slaw"?!!

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