Saturday, September 23, 2017

NBC to air 24/7 live coverage of Gayfer Roundabout construction due to overwhelming interest-

Friday night millions of viewers tuned in as NBC broadcasted the first hour of it's 24/7 live feed of the Gayfer Roundabout. The construction of the roundabout has been the talk of Fairhope for some time with many people constantly inquiring about it's finishing date and progress. Well these questions do not have to be raised anymore as any person can flip on their television and see for themselves any time of day.

NBC took a risky swing at this hoping to commercialize on the booming interest in the roundabout. To everyone's surprise the numbers were amazing, beating out the hit series Ninja Warrior and the re-boot of the sitcom Will & Grace. What's surprising is that millions of American watching probably have no idea what they're viewing, which just appears to be a flat lot of dirt.

The program will continue to air until completion of the roundabout, but executive producers are already talking about picking it up for another season, and maybe a spin off series called Roundabout 2- 181 and Gayfer. 

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