Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NFL Kneeling protest causes millions of Alabamians to realize there is an NFL

After over 100 players took the knee this weekend, Facebook feeds and news sites exploded, including most Alabama organizations. Millions of Alabamians offered their support or outrage at the controversy through social media and everyone has been forced to choose a side. There is a huge Elephant in the room however, that many have not discussed. That is, the fact that most Alabamians did not know the NFL existed in the first place.

What was at first just a legend seldom talked about, like Hockey or Basketball, Professional Football was something only referred to when speculating on the lives of past Alabama players. "What ever happened to A.J McCarron", "I don't know... I think he went to play at in that N... FL? NFL? Is that a thing?". "Oh, I thought he was selling cars or something.".

Many are excited at the new prospect of a national football league. Football can now be viewed on Saturday and Sunday. That means a full weekend of party food and cheap beer. Whether tuning in to watch the footbsll game or just to yell at the protesting players, we think this will benefit all Alabamians in the long run!

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  1. NFL certainly does not exist now...but will that hurt Saban's recruiting?


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