Friday, September 1, 2017

The Top Ten best things about Fairhope Alabama!

1.  Friday Night Art Walk-

What's not to love about fresh local artists, live music, and free wine? Don't kid yourself... we know you only come for the free wine. Also, this is the perfect opportunity for that introverted quiet kid to plug in his guitar on a corner and let the world know he's got lungs like Robert Plant.

2.  The Annual Witches Ride-

Fueled by margaritas and Witche's Brew, several hundred women take to the streets to showcase their decorated bikes and bodies. Witness crashes unlike anything you've ever seen in NASCAR. Sources say more children are conceived on this night than any other night of the year, even Mardi Gras.


Most Americas wrongly believe Mardi Gras was started in New Orleans. Many South Alabamians wrongly believe it began in the port city of Mobile. The truth of the matter is that it officially started in the small town of Fairhope. It all started in 1889 when the first settlers of Fairhope found that their village was being overran with Canadian Geese. The settlers decided one spring to get violently drunk and kidnap the geese, parading them all the way to Mobile where they danced and flung the geese out unto the streets at pedestrians. The practice of throwing beads sprouted
from the word "Beaks", which the Mobilians would
 shout as they got bitten.

4.  The Annual Arts & Crafts Festival Bingo Game

Every Spring hundreds of tourists travel from all over the country to take part in the massively popular Arts & Crafts Festival Bingo game. Alcohol can be added to the mix to make the game fun for adults and children alike.

5.  The Pimento Cheese Game is Strong In "The Hope"-

Fairhope has some great food, but our restaurants really churn out some amazing pimento cheese dishes. Often overlooked on menus, our pimento cheese tends to bring out the most creativity in many local chefs. This isn't the stuff you ate as a kid, mind you. Some of best in town include-

  • Thyme On Section- Pimento Cheese Sandwich (Sourdough with roasted apples and bacon).
  • Warehouse Bakery- Pimento Cheese BLT (with fried green
           tomatoes and Bill-E's Bacon).
  • Old 27 Grill- Pimento Cheese Dog ( with wickles and Bill-Es Bacon).

6.  Jaywalking Downtown-

There is no better way to spend your afternoon than carousing around town shopping at our local businesses. What's even more fun though, is the local custom of death defying jaywalking. This isn't your ordinary jaywalking either... we take it to the extreme. If you're new to Fairhope and are unsure about the proper way we do it, here's a simple guide:
  1. Be sure to be holding a tons of shopping bags, purses, and mixed coffee drinks. This adds to the visual appeal if you happen to get hit. Pedestrian confetti we call it.

  2. If your'e going to jaywalk, enter the street between two large trucks to add an element of surprise to traffic.

  3. Enter the street quickly and be sure not to look either direction (avoid eye contact with honking vehicles!)

  4. If traffic completely shuts down for you to cross never give an appreciative nod or wave to the stuck vehicles (show them who's boss...).

7.  Bill- E's Bacon-

Perhaps the best thing ever since the invention of the Pig. Seriously this stuff is ranked one of the best home cured bacon's in ol' U.S of A. 

8. The Jubilee-

The phenomenon of Jubilees only happen two places in the world, and one of them is right in our backyard. Often controversial as many locals want to keep it a secret from tourists who wants easy pickins' for seafood. Little do they know that Daphne dubs itself  "The Jubilee City". When you get the chance to see a Jubilee in person, don't be so fast to fill your pockets with Skrimp.... The bay sea critters mostly feed off of sewage, toxic algae, and old Moon Pies.

9.  Lighting Of The Trees!-

This isn't the best photo in the world to describe Fairhope's Lighting of the Trees ceremony, but I think it really hits the point of what it means to people. I snapped this pic two years ago as the lights turned on and the fake snow shot down upon the waiting spectators. Please examine the young lady on the bottom here. I've never seen so much joy let loose over the appearance of fake snow on a freezing cold night. She was literally grunting with joy. In fact, if I remember correctly, she immediately gave birth to a unicorn right after this was taken. 

Some may complain of shoving at the event, but c'mon... If you went to a concert with 600 people and didn't make any contact with another human then that would be a Christmas miracle. Just remember, shoving isn't a bad thing, it's just a hug with momentum.
10.  Telling our out-of-town friends & family about this stuff-

Yes all of these events we have are amazing and fun; the Tree Lighting, downtown movies in the square, the New Years Celebration, but really you don't need to attend these events at all to get satisfaction from them. The best part is truly telling everyone out of state about all of these amazing things we do. When cousin Becky tells you about her eventful night at Bingo you can complain about your boring day Tossing frozen Mullet at the Flora-bama and watching movies on a projector at night in Fairhope's park. Perhaps the most satisfying thing to do is to post Instagram photos of your new beach tanned body in December while your old high school friends up north are keeping warm by pretending to like Hockey.

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