Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Canadian couple travels across country to Fairhope following Biscuit King signs

John and Mary-Anne Hopkins of Vancouver turned many heads Thursday morning when they pulled their RV into the Biscuit King parking lot. They stepped out of the RV at gazed at the restaurant/watering hole/"Fun Barn" and let out a long sigh of relief to reflect that they finally reached their destination. They proceeded to sample every style of the famed "Ugly Biscuit", the biscuit stuffed to the brim with many breakfast meats. They also talked with many of the patrons, who in turn, directed them to us to tell their tales of travel, and how they ended up in Fairhope, Alabama.

It all started last Sunday as the couple was pulling out of Tim Horton's donut shop just on the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia. Mary reports seeing a small sign on the side of the road reading "Turn Left for Biscuit King". This piqued their curiosity as they had never heard of any such restaurant. After 25 miles or so another Biscuit King sign popped up with directions guiding them to exit onto I-5, then to travel 600 more miles across the border to "Try the world famous Ugly Biscuit.". John had recently purchased the RV and they had nothing to since Hockey season was officially over. Their trip was littered with hundreds of Biscuit King sign spreading across the U.S, each guiding wandering spirits to our quaint little town. By Thursday, the couple had finally arrived.

The Hopkins' documented their trip well on their Blog,, and are loving Fairhope. Mary has already placed a bid on a cottage in the Fruit n' Nut district and hopes to complete their move to Fairhope soon pending the performance of the Pensacola hockey team, the Ice Flyers. The City Council has speculated that the Biscuit King signs are drawing up to 2 thousand visitors a year from across the country, and may be the sole reason behind our population explosion.

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