Monday, November 6, 2017

Fairhope City Council schedules next Jubilee for June 29th, 5pm.

For many years residents of Baldwin County have been complaining about the complete lack of organization when scheduling our world famous Jubilees. In past years, Jubilees would be set for odd hours in the middle of the night without any notification to the public. This would anger many people who may have been waiting years to see the event which only happens in two areas in the world. Although this has been a common complaint forever, one citizen has finally done something about it.

Julia Hargrove, a new resident of Fairhope from Paris Texas, has started to circulate a petition to set a concrete schedule for the Jubilee. After collecting nearly 11,000 names, it seems as though the City may actually do something too. Mayor Sullivan, along with the City Council, announced today that the next Jubilee will occur June 29th at 5 pm sharp. One councilman stated "This time fame was chosen to appease parents with young children who need to be home before too late.". Immediately several attendees at the Council Meeting complained about the Jubilee occurring  too early for working citizens who don't get off until 5 pm. Sullivan rebutted that with the date being announced this far in advance, it should allow for workers to ask for an early leave that day.

The scheduling of the Jubilee was actually an ordeal that has taken nearly a year to settle. Not only did the City of Daphne and Fairhope have to agree together on a set time and date, but that time had to also be settled with the fish and crabs in the bay. Using a mediator, the Eastern Shore governing bodies found a date suitable for the sea creatures that didn't interfere with their migration patterns and mating rituals.

If you've never experienced a Jubilee before, we'll give you the basic necessities. You'll need a grill, a spatula, a large pot, a heat source, and Old Bay seasoning. Set up your grill close to the shore an hour before Jubilee to ensure that the coals are the perfect temp by 5 pm. Also, fill your pot with water and the seasoning and set to a low boil. At 5 pm, if your'e close enough to shore, the wildlife will start to jump straight into the grill or pot. You may need to throw some back if there's overcrowding on the grill. In that case, set a cooler with ice nearby and the fish will jump from the grill into the cooler.

In any case, be ready and have a fun Jubilee!

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