Friday, November 10, 2017

Tesla teams up with Fairhope engineers to develop special "Fairhope Downtowner" vehicle.

The City of Fairhope has been brainstorming for years on how to solve the heavy traffic problem that occurs downtown everyday. One solution rumored earlier this year was for the downtown area to go "Golf Cart Only", an idea that is still being considered by the Council. The primary complaints by locals and visitors alike are as follows: large vehicles sticking out onto the roadways scaring the elderly, pedestrians with death wishes, and the stubborn unwillingness to use the parking garage.

The solution to the problem came as a surprise to everyone when a Elon Musk, owner of Tesla Motors, visited the Grand Hotel. after visiting the local shops downtown for himself, he grabbed a quick lunch at the famous Dragonfly restaurant. While munching on a Duck Taco, he jotted down a rudimentary design for a vehicle capable of navigating Fairhope. This simple design led to the release of Tesla's newest model, The Fairhope Downtowner.

Musk utilized the help of local engineers who knew the intricate problems of our area specifically. The design of the car allows it to navigate Fairhope Avenue, even if there's two dozen F-350s parked on both sides. The hood of the car was hand molded for pedestrian safety, sweeping them to the side of the vehicle as opposed to over the hood. The Downtowner even allows for three cars to park in a single parking space, so you never have to think about parking in the parking garage... even if it's 500 ft away.

The Downtowner is set to release December, 2018. It will not be available in the U.S., and it retails at nearly $320k.

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  1. Hilarious! I'm starting a savings account to get my very own Fairhope Downtowner......


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