Friday, December 1, 2017

CK Men's Clothing bought out by Mr. Gene, soon to be "Gene's Jeans."

De Le Mare Street, the hip hub of Fairhope, is where one can buy a Latte, Fine Art, Wine, and Ice Cream. Pretty much everything one needs in life. Some of Fairhope's finest shops reside on this small side street located between Section and Church. On any given afternoon you can see kids and adults alike lined up to sample Mr. Genes fine assorted ice creams as has been the case for 20 odd years, and on De Le Mare... every year is odd.

Mr. Gene has been very successful in his business, and in 2017 his aspirations are set even higher. The first order of business started this week with the buyout of the CK Men's gallery, next door the Gene's Beans. The store will still carry the same collection of vests and button ups, but will now also carry a new line of Jeans from ice cream manufacturer Blue Bell. The bell-bottom style blue jeans from Blue Bell called "Blue Bells" are trending on Milan and Paris runways lately. The jeans are all hand stitched in Texas and the pockets come filled with cookie dough.

Although it hasn't been confirmed yet, our reporters picked up that Mr. Gene has been seen in meetings with Brenny's Jewelers so don't be surprised if we have a Gene's Rings in the works. What's more is that the Fairhope Genealogical Society has been citing rumors for years that Mr. Gene has stakes in the massive web company, and if he keeps amassing stock we're likely to see a merger between the company and his own gene hunting site

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