Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fairhope wins bid to host annual Horse Hockey championships

Fairhope is a quaint little town hidden on the Mobile Bay, and is home to many well kept secrets. Although the town is quite small, most of it's residents aren't aware that many people gather in Point Clear every year to play a vigorous round of Horse Hockey. This event is known to enthusiasts as Polo at the Point, because Ralph Lauren is the primary sponsor every year.

Horse Hockey is an ancient sport with roots that go back all the way to Kentucky in the 1960's. Kentucky was upset that they did not have an official hockey team, so they took what resources they had (horses and grass) and formed their own team. "The Kentucky Chillbillies" were accepted into the NHL in 1961, but it became apparent after their first six losses that horses can't move well on ice, and would become injured. The rookie team did win all of their home games on the Kentucky bluegrass, but the team finally decided to exit the NHL after only one season. After that, the NHHL was formed.

Today, there are over 25 teams in the National Horse Hockey League, one of them being right here in Fairhope. The team has gained so much popularity in fact, that the NHHL has decided to host the Horse Hockey Championships in Point Clear next year. For those who are new to the culture, festivities usually include the wearing of fancy hats and having Golf Cart jousting in the parking lot (to the death). Half Time performers will include Mr. Ed and music by the Baldwin Pops.

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