Monday, December 4, 2017

Nation's love for Royal Family proves great success for Alabama with it's acceptance of inbreeding.

Since the late Princess Diana, England's Royal Family has been admired and loved by America and the world. These beautiful people with hearts of gold are a nice change from the past monarchs with tales of homicide and corruption. Not only that, but hundreds of years of selective inbreeding has finally come around to produce moderately attractive royalty, baffling genetic scientists.

An organization out of Cullman, Alabama, called SISTER, or Southern Inbreeders for Societal Tolerance of Engaging with Relatives, has stated tat this is a major step forward for inbreeds everywhere. SISTER may be located in Alabama, but it's members spread far and wide throughout the rural south. Their belief is that just like the current English Royalty, future generations of Americans will look at them with the admiration and respect they deserve.

Game Of Thrones
European Monarchies aren't the only ones pushing the family loving agenda either. The popular television series Game Of Thrones is also full of incest, and there's a good reason for this. HBO was lobbied heavily by a Incest Organization known as BROTHER, the British Sister group of Alabama's  SISTER, which both are offset's of the international group COUSIN based in Canada. BROTHER pushed hard to put more incest in GOT, and as a result, the latest season has more incestual relationships than normal relationships.

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