Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fairhope archivists uncover 100 year old version of Facebook group "Whats Happening in Fairhope."

Social media today has given people a great way for people all across the globe to connect in real time. At the local level, Fairhopers have utilized Facebook groups to discuss meaningful events in the area, especially a group known as "What's Happening in Fairhope". Coincidentally, the first settlers of Fairhope had a similar system, finds local archivist Nancy Tatum. While digging through old documents, Nancy found a collection of papers that she believes once served as a local discussion  board. Details from the papers reveal that the community would post these documents to the railings of the pier, and others would comment as they saw fit. A historic version of Facebook one could say.
Here are some of the more excited posts we've dug up:

"What's happening to our quaint little town? I remember back when there was 10 of us. Now there's nearly 30! Sad." - Emma Jean Wilbur

         -"Yes Emma I agree! It's all these Yanks from Bay Minette coming down here!" - Betsy Davis

"I wish these knuckle-head horse riders would get off our road! Ride your horse in the grass!" - James Jonathon Mathis
Amy the leper
"Anyone here know where to find a good honest shoe shine that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?" -Thomas Johnson
      - "Peter the Leper is amazing and cheap, but he did give me leprosy!"  - Amy the leper

Mayor Earnest Gaston
"Attention fine citizens of Fairhope: As Mayor of this fine village I have set forth to name the streets after the many Fruits of the world. Sadly, I know only four fruits, but nuts are kind of a fruit, right? Fruits and Nuts it is then." - Mayor Earnest Gaston

"Dr. Walgreen the pharmacist refuses to perform his services any earlier than 7 a.m! Ridiculous! I have to walk my children to the Organic School by 8 a.m and need my Tonics!" - Grace Cunningham

"Salutations fellow 'Hopers! I just returned from an exquisite trip to old England, and let me tell you folks about this stunning invention called the Round-a-bout!" - Abraham Nodfarthing

"Traffic to Mobile is most dreadful! My last voyage took nearly three days, where it used to only take a quick two. " -anonymous 

"I seemed to have lost my dear puppy, Rufus. If you see him please return him. I have illustrated his likeness to help." - Timothy Dearing

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