Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New tech company unveils new Virtual Reality Mardi Gras experience.

An emerging tech company founded in Mobile
announced the release of it's Beta version of a Virtual Reality Mardi Gras Experience. The company, Krewgle, will let users download the app from in website this week, and start enjoying Mardi Gras parades at home on their personal VR systems.

Blake Nguyen, The founder of the company, tells us that the idea came after attending a Mardi Gras parade last year, "I just felt like I could enjoy this much more in my living room, and save time and money from horrible parking." he tells us.  That very night, Blake and his buddies started developing the App from scratch.

The experience uses live Mardi Gras parades from the Mobile area, and to make that a reality it uses a large fleet of drones that hover through the crowds. We personally got to test the App at Fairhope's parade last Saturday night, and it was as realistic as it gets. First, the drone guided us several miles away from downtown, where we slowly walked to make our way to the venue. Our drone made sure that we found an appropriate spot in the thick crowd where we could just make out the tops of the passing floats. What's amazing is the physical aspect of the experience. The company will send in real human helpers to guide you through your experience, slapping you in the face with thrown beads, moon pies, and one of the helpers even urinated on my leg a little. We heard that the Mobile version even has live gunshots right in your living room.

The App is titled VR Mardi Gras Experience and will soon be availabe in the iTunes store as well. We urge you to try the App and help support a growing business in the area. We give the App a rating of 5 out of 5 salted caramel Moon Pies!

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  1. I started laughing and then had another post crud coughing spell. Go easy on us for a while as we recover from this horrible season of respiratory illnesses!!


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