Thursday, March 29, 2018

Page & Palette to start Adult Accelerated Reader Program, rewarding avid readers with beer.

Local bookstore Page & Palette has excited many community members with plans to bring back the Accelerated Reader program. What was once used to encourage children to read by having quizzing them on book in hopes to earn Pizza Parties will now be used to earn points that can be used at The Book Cellar for beer or wine. To join the program, first apply at Page & Palette, then purchase a book in any category (larger books earn more points). Next, a local Hobo will appear randomly and quiz you verbally about the said book. If you pass his test he will give you an IOU for your earned points. Don't look the Hobo in the eye, he will stab you.

 The best part of the deal is that Red or White across the street has also started their Accelerated Drinker program, so for every glass of wine or beer drunk you can collect points to possibly get a Pizza. We've come full circle. Red or White even uses the same Hobo too, who appears out of nowhere and gives you a breathalyzer test.


  1. Great idea but some of us do not drink so I guess I will have to decline getting a membership


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