Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jamie Lee Curtis to act as Coffee Loft Spokesperson

Star of legendary Halloween movie series Jamie Lee Curtis was in town recently vacationing at the Grand Hotel when she reports that she had the desire for good strong coffee. Her intuition led her to local social spot The Coffee Loft, located on N. Section. street.
In a blog post Jamie posted to her website she states that she poured herself some of the "Wonder Blend" and noted a notes of chicory and hazelnut. Upon the second sip she also felt the physical sensation of caffeine neuro-receptors punching her brain like Mike Tyson fighting a baby. A really weak baby. She reports next:
"I went back to the counter to check if they sold Activia yogurt, but on the way up I felt a churning in my belly like nothing I've ever felt before. I couldn't run to the bathroom fast enough! I won't describe what happened next, but if you've seen the Alien movies it was very similar to that."
Jamie was so impressed by her visit that plans are in the works for Jamie to take over Coffee Loft advertising acting as official spokesperson. Her agent says plans are underway for another visit to Fairhope very soon.

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