Monday, March 19, 2018

Panini Pete unveils new pants at Milan Fashion Week.

At Milan's famous "Fashion Week" in Italy this year spectators gathered to see the new fashion lines by top designers such as Prada, Gucci, and Pana
ma Jack. One Fairhoper hoped to cash in on the commotion... our very own Panini Pete.

Pete Blohme, or Panini Pete, is known for his amazing sandwiches, then his amazing seafood, and now his amazing pants. Locals know that Pete cruises Fairhope on a zippy segway wearing colorful stamped pants. What most don't know is that Pete custom makes every pair of pants before hand drawing the logos that adorn each pair. This got the attention of a top designer who happened to be dining at Sunset Point one evening. After a lengthy discussion between the two, Pete knew he had to bring his pants to the fashion capital of the world.
George Clooney

The new line of pants will be sold under the name "Pants Pete's" and debut's on the catwalk this week. The pants immediately made headlines earlier this year when George Clooney wore vintage Pants Pete's pants with pickled pepper prints over paisley design. You can order the same pants as Clooney now from select retailers in larger metropolitan areas.

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