Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Talk of the Town with Bobby Tompkins

Things have changed quite a bit for us folks born and raised in the Utopian Society of Fairhope, and by "born and raised", I mean that I lived here for 5 years (A lifetime compared to most). In my long time here, however, I've learned to pick up on all the happenings around me, picking up the chit chat floating through the coffee steam at my booth at Julwin's. Or eavesdropping on conversations at the Fairhope Pier. I don't think it's rude. I'm just curious about what goes on in the nooks and crannies of every little cottage from the Fruit n' Nuts to Montrose. I'd love to be a fly on the inside wall of every Land Rover in the county, and get get a glimpse of the thousands of lives of my Fairhope brethren.

It's been a hectic week in town from what I gather. This wonderful weather that's not particularly too hot nor too cold seems to spawn high class drama in these parts. Maybe because everyone's outside together in close proximity, and it happens to be the week of Cinco de Mayo and the Steak Cook-off. The copulation of Mexican food and margaritas stirs up just as much drama as it does heartburn.

One local couple had a rough week when their son, a sophomore at Bayside Academy, got his results back from his first ever ACT exam. They were upset with young Henry as they found that he was just slightly above average. Now Henry is spending the next few months being forced to drive the Beemer while the Range Rover sits unused.

Last Sunday at Trinity Presbyterian, located just feet from the bay, the service was interrupted by a sudden commotion as the Pastor noticed that he snagged a fish. His pole, nestled against the altar, had been baited with fresh shrimp and cast out in the bay before service. It was said that the whole congregation followed Rev. MoCollum down the aisle and all the way to the bay, where he landed a 23 pound Redfish. He was assisted by an altar boy who scooped the fish up into the collection plate (10% of the fish was indeed offered up to the Lord later on, the best part of the filet too.).

In other news, Big Jim Willoughby who runs the local a.m radio station WBET "Big Jim's Hits" will be changing his genre of choice from the early 50's to late 50's pop hits to the chagrin of many. He tells me that it's time for that generation to move on and let go of the past, and to let a new generation move in with some real rock and roll. You know, the hardcore stuff like Chuck Berry or The Everly Brothers. Martha May Washington who attends church with Big Jim says she won't be making those buttermilk pies Big Jim likes for the next Potluck in protest of the change.

That's all the important news for now. I'll keep my ears open at my favorite coffee sippin' spots in hopes that I catch some juicy gossip for next month. Stay Hopeful, Fairhope!

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