Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fairhope to get new "Normal temperature" Yoga studio, the newest fitness trend in the U.S.

The hippest location downtown finally has a tenant, a new Yoga studio! Although Fairhope has several old yoga studios, cold ones, hot ones, and such. There still is a high demand for a studio with normal temperature levels ranging from 69 to 72 degrees. These "Fad" yoga clinics just started popping up in cool cities like San Francisco and Boulder just recently, and has really taken off.

The basic idea behind "Norm yoga" is that when you're sitting with a large group of other people working out, maybe you don't want to be extremely hot or cold. With Norm Yoga you can get your Downward Dog on in comfort (a painful kind of comfort where your hamstrings  feel like they may rip).

We're not sure if this place will stick around for a while, but as of right now the first month's slots are already booked. We here at TFI think that this is the best idea since hot coffee and cold beer.

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