Monday, October 15, 2018

New development changes coming to Lake Forest include a Labyrinth, Minotaur, and riddle challenges.

Lake Forest, Daphne.

The Lake Forest Community is happy to finally be seeing real changes to the suburban development in Daphne, Alabama. For so long many locals have complained about getting lost withing the sprawling landscape of hills, twists, and turns on a road map that looks like spilled spaghetti on a plate.

The City of Daphne has began the process of installing within the community a real Labyrinth within, sealed by a dark magic and an old witches curse. Daphne has been in negotiations with the mythical God Loki for several months on the fine details, as well as a Witch from the Bay Minnette area. The new series of maze-like roadways will be maintained and guarded by real Minotaurs whose salaries will be drawn from HOA funds. A Minotaur is a mythical creature, half man, half bull, and is typically cheaper labor as you only pay the man portion. Upon the Minotaur's death the Bull half with be processed and served for the annual Lake Forest Picnic. Win Win.

Many many folks have aimlessly driven around the main connector road, Ridgewood, missing their turn as they go round and round for hours, eventually missing the birth of their firstborn and ending up end the doghouse permanently. This will be less of a problem now as Lake Forest is installing a guiding Sphinx on Windsor rd. who will alert you to the exit, but only if you answer it's riddles, which can be fun for the children too.

The new changes may take several months to a year to fully take effect, but workers are making great progress. In fact, the Elf City is already constructed, and there is already a evil version of yourself that you must battle somewhere near Champion drive.

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