Wednesday, September 26, 2018

2018 Fairhope Witches Ride to be 70.3 mile triathlon to the horror of women who unknowingly signed up.

The highly prestigious IRONMAN Triathlon series has been a coveted race for athletes around the world for many years. This has sparked many similar events in the Gulf Coast area, such as the local Grand Man and many others. This year, the Fairhope Witches ride, a fun local event supporting local charities, will also host a rigorous multi-sport challenge with a theme.

In just 9 hours, the tickets to the witches ride sold out this Tuesday. For 400 women the next month will be nothing but intense endurance training and suffering in hopes to survive the nearly 71 miles of swimming, biking, and running all in witches costumes while throwing candy. We're hearing today that there are many people who signed up for the ride thinking the route would be a continuation of previous years, riding a bike in a circle for roughly one mile. For them, true Hell awaits next month, as the contracts were sealed on a special "Black Magic" section of the EventBrite website. Each rider is legally and spiritually obligated to fulfill the Witches ride on race day, the only way to break contract being death or thunderstorms.

Be sure to line up with your children along the bay to collect candy from the athletes as they make their way from Fairhope down to Orange Beach and back.

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