Thursday, December 27, 2018

Fairhope parents struggling to decide: Bayside, Bayshore, or eating?

Fairhope is home to many of the best school systems in the state. Even our public schools rank high for college preparedness and graduation rate. This aside, the pressure to place children in private schools is a top concern for local parents. Bayside, for one, located in Montrose, hosts an excellent academic program that features curriculum not offered at Fairhope High. Such programs include: Range Rover 101, Bonnaroo Sociology, Applied Latte dynamics, and Salt Life skills.

With growing tuition rates over the years, parents find themselves choosing between the array of private schools and eating food, a tough decision. Lisa Bingham Phillips, of Montrose, spoke with us about the upcoming school year, saying:
"I really feel lost trying to choose between Christ the King, Bayside, and Food. I mean, I love the high quality of the schools, but I really love eating every day too."
Lisa and other parents have come to realize maybe food is not all that big of a deal. I mean, Gandhi went without food for a long time when he put his kids though private school and he got famous for it. I think.

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