Thursday, January 17, 2019

Police warn burglars may use car monogram to burgle houses with same initials for towels and robes.

Fairhope Police unveiled new tactics used by local thieves lately, where car monograms can lead to unwanted theft in your home. Police Chief Hollinghead states that thieves are now using cars to find houses with the same initials as them, and later breaking in to scoop up your custom towels and robes. Hollinghead urges locals to either remove the decals at this time, or use a wavier decal that is indecipherable by any human.

There has been 18 towel burglaries year to date so far in Baldwin county according to public documents. Some locals are opposed to the idea of removing decals, saying we're letting the terrorists win, and we may not be able to find our cars now. Others claim we can just replace the decals with Alabama or Auburn stickers.


  1. To what end?? What’s next? Will i have to remove my stick figure family?
    No. I won’t let the terrorists win.

  2. 19 burglaries now. We were hit last night. We live in the fruit and nut district. They cleaned us out. We have no towels left, no bed linens, no robes. They even “gasp” took my initialed shirts. They even removed the monogrammed back window out of our SUV. Oh, the humanity!


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