Thursday, January 31, 2019

Just a Castle Girl, living in a Fairhope world- an interview with Megrez Mosher.

Once upon a time in the small village of Fairhope, Alabama, there was a girl who grew up in a real life fairy tale castle. A castle built right in the heart of downtown, that's visited by tourists and locals year round. I thought to myself, what would life be like growing up in a castle, as opposed to the small hut constructed of Saltine Crackers that I did grow up in (mama tried). Luckily, I got a chance to talk to Megrez Mosher about her experience growing up as small town royalty, and later becoming a skilled acrobat and instructor at Kudzu Aerial.

You grew up in Fairhope's Mosher Castle, which must have been an intersting childhood. Are you currently uder any Witches spells or curses? If so, what would it take to break them?

I grew up in the Mosher Castle, it was an interesting childhood, I suppose. I had chores and responsibilities like all children: scrubbing the moat, polishing enchanted items feeding the bridge troll. I never excelled at spinning straw into gold, I learned later that I wasn't using the right kind of straw, but now I have an excess of aluminum from my attempts.
The curses never really stuck, I have a wonderful Fairy Godmother who made sure any evil spells would reflect back on the individual who cast it. I once came down with a case of Princess's fever, though, it made me linger around Wishing Wells and compulsively sing my wishes.

Megrez, looking like the final boss in a video game.
You're an accomplished aerialist and dancer, and currently instruct classes here in Fairhope at Kudzu Aerial. What are the benefits of Aerial exercise and what ages can do this? Also, Is the Macarena still a cool dance or do I need to retire this?

Learning to fly was easy for me, I've learned that when people think you're weird, you can do weird things without making a big deal out of it. The harder thing was to convince people that they could do it too. Aerial is a great workout because it helps people realize that they are capable of doing so much more than they realize. I have a surplus of fairy dust from my adventures in Neverland, so if anyone needs a little boost, I'm happy to share!

I feel that Disco deserves more of a reconsideration than the Macarena, but who am I to judge?

I'll leave all of the Rapunzel references alone...

I've heard that many nights your dad would have to chase of hoards of witches from your yard like pesky raccoons. Did you ever try to keep one as a pet?


Growing up, did you ever warn your dates what they were getting into when you brought them home to meet your parents? I feel it would've been pretty funny not to. Did your dad sit in the background pretending to clean his Battle Axe?

Dates were always a bit intimidated by the dragon who lingers around the castle. My parents didn't need to say anything when Hendrix the dragon is breathing smoke down my date's neck. Hendrix is a really nice dragon, he used to be invisible, but in his retirement, he just likes to hang out and sun himself on my parent's roof. My husband used to train dragons, so when he met the family dragon for the first time, he gave Hendrix a box of Dragon Treats and now they are great friends.

So you're writing a book I hear...

I'd like to write a book to help other young fairy tale princesses about how to navigate such difficult waters. I wish I had more advice on how to politely turn down an apple that I knew to be poisoned, or how to give my woodland helpers rabies shots without them clawing up my wardrobe or smashing the dishes. It'd be nice to know that I could make a difference in someone's life.

Now that your'e out of the castle, any plans to build one of your own?

We go to Disney when we want to see another castle!

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  1. This is hilarious......gifted writer with a tremendous gift of "off the wall" humor!


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