Thursday, May 9, 2019

21,000 residents agree, "Keep Fairhope Small!".

A recent study confirms that all 21,000 Fairhope residents are angry with recent growth and would like Fairhope to stay a quaint small town like back when it was only a 19,000 population. Back then it was great. There were 5 fewer restaurants crowding our space. Less banks. Jubilees occurred every other day teeming with crab, shrimp, and Maine Lobster. Simpler times. Scenic 98 was more scenic back then. Business 98 had less business. The pier went all the way to mobile and ended a the Dew Drop. Not only was the bay clean back at 19,000 residents, but it had healing qualities and could cure Gout. It's easy to see the frustration every is feeling at the hoards of magazine articles demanding Illinois to disband as a state and march southward. 'Keep Fairhope small' will echo for generations.

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