Monday, May 13, 2019

Mobile Bridge Project scraps Toll idea, adds TROLL in it's place.

Pandemonium broke loose upon the announcement of an expected toll on the new Mobile Bridge Project. The toll, which is expected to be from $3-$6 per passage, can inflict thousands of dollars for commuters yearly. The uproar over the toll finally caused the planning commission to scrap the idea entirely, and agreed on a Bridge Troll instead. The idea hasn't been completely accepted by the public yet, but many agree it's better than the toll.

The Commission started interviewing this week for possible Troll candidates. Interviewees included Troll Doll Trolls, Russian Internet Trolls, Evil Trolls, but eventually settled on a classic Billy Goats Gruff Troll for it's mass appeal. According to the developers, the Troll will still collect a fee for passage, but drivers can surpass the fee by answering a set of riddles. Daily commuters from Baldwin County are expected to receive a discount getting 15% easier riddles.

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