Friday, May 24, 2019

Doctors warn "Salt Life" increases risk for heart disease, recommends "Salt Occasionally" stickers.

No matter where you go in the South you'll likely find cars plastered with stickers reading "Salt Life". Whether you live anywhere near saltwater has nothing to do with it. Salt Life is a state of mind akin to a sticker version of a Jimmy Buffet song. The American Heart Association claims though, that living the Salt Life could severely impact your health, and reduce you life by many years by increasing your risk for heart diseases. That's why a collection of cardiologist teamed up with Jimmy Buffet to come up with a much healthier "Salt Occasionally" sticker. The sticker is reduced sodium and has less effect on one's blood pressure. Buffet also warns fans of salt rimmed margaritas, and instead urges folks to follow in his footsteps and line his margarita glass with powdered Ensure.


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