Friday, May 17, 2019

New Rouses in Daphne looks to "swing" Publix shoppers with upside-down Grouper special.

The Grand Opening for the new Daphne Rouses market is coming up in two weeks to the celebration of many. The NOLA native supermarket is looking to 'a-Rouse' members of the Baldwin County swinger community with discount offers on upside down Grouper. Rouses claims your chances of success are higher with an upside down grouper in your cart than that of a pineapple at their leading competitor Publix, because Grouper is naturally full of pheromones that attract the opposite sex. Of course that mostly works only for other Grouper, but Rouses claims tere is not much of a genetic difference in Grouper and Humans... they both have mouths, eyes, etc. To take part in the special, just purchase the fish in any size and place in your cart tail side up. Pre-filleted fish won't work unfortunately.

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