Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Gulf Shores Police warn of new white clad Gang overrunning sand dunes.

Gulf Shores, Al-  Police in the Gulf Shores beach area are warning locals and tourists about a new possible gang taking over the local sand dunes as their "turf".  The members of this posse stand out with their all white matching outfits and the constant complaining coming from the male figure of the group. This gang likes to settle near the sea oats and could be dangerous. We don't know much about the group, but the police are calling them the "Sea Oat Mafia" at this time until further investigation.

Some locals are saying the gang has had a summer presence for decades, but we now fear they may be around now wreaking havoc year round if the weather stays warm.  Orange Beach police chief Richard Martenson has unveiled his plan for the OBA community, which uses The Yard milkshakes to lure the gang to nearby cotton fields in hopes to contain them there.

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