Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fairhope Women left pants-less after upcoming Labor Day "No White" Rule.

Fairhope Police are preparing for the upcoming Labor Day week by increasing their enforcement of Public Indecency Laws. Chief Hollinghead has increased her resources, adding more officers to the downtown area to be on the lookout for pants-less loiterers. The fear is that most women in Fairhope only own white pants, and with the upcoming Labor Day holiday and the old southern rule of "No white after Labor Day", this may cause some problems.

Of course, walking nearly nude has been against Fairhope law for decades, but in the early days of our little "artist colony", this was the typical dress code. Just look at the many photos of founder Henry George and notice how they're all taken above the waist. This is also the reasoning behind one of Fairhope's oldest neighborhoods being called "The Fruit and Nut District".

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