Monday, September 9, 2019

Couples are applying to Fairhope Daycares on their First Date to get a head start on 6 year wait list.

With Fairhope's growing population and the boom in children conceived following the start of the annual Witch's Ride, it's getting harder and harder to get into Fairhope pre-school or daycare programs. Some programs are now expecting wait times for new children up to 6 years, which leaves parents with very little time to plan ahead. That's why savvy Fairhopers in-the-know are using their first date to apply to Daycare. A typical first date for a young Fairhope couple looks like this: Coffee and Pastries and Warehouse, then touring all the local daycares for the best program for your future hypothetical child, and lastly ending the night with cocktails at Tongue & Groove while pretending this 20 dollar Margarita isn't diminishing the last bit of your rent money.

These couples generally don't last very long, and when they inevitably dissolve, new spaces open up. You may think that they're crazy for taking these measures, but to take it a step further new parents in the area are registering their babies and future grandchildren up to 30 years in advance. Our family has registered the next couple generations of babies just in case Fairhope continues to grow. Of course, who knows if these Daycare facilities will even be around? I am personally betting on childcare to be outsourced to robots so I registered for the currently non-existent Fairhope Tesla Baby Development Factory opening up on Greeno in 2035.

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